More details on custom view components?

Really loving the custom view components. A few questions that I can’t seem to track down in documentation:

  1. Are custom components limited to the app they are created in unless published to marketplace? Anyway to share across my apps without being in the marketplace?

  2. Can the preview image of the component be changed in the component palette?

  3. How do I delete custom components I have created?

  4. Is there anyway to change the root name of a custom component once it’s been created?


Also - I’m not following how to setup custom events at all. I’ve got a custom component that has buttons that repeat based on an array that is a parameter (building a dynamic tab component). Everything is working except I don’t know how to pass an event. If the array has 3 items, there will be 3 buttons. I need to pass out of the component the index of which button was clicked.

I saw this documentation:

"To make a child component event available on the composite main canvas, you drag an Event in node to the composite’s top level logic canvas. It should have Fired from an Event out node as its event source and a descriptive name, such as “Info icon tapped”.

Is “event in” supposed to be “receive trigger”? Any example projects I can look at?

There’s some conversation on the marketplace that might help you here Pages in Marketplace

for the events they are as you noted actually called “Receive event” and “Trigger event” now. So clicking icon triggers an event that has logic behind a corresponding receive event node.

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I updated the tutorial at with a lot of new information; it was a bit outdated. I hope that clarifies things!

Rest of the questions, will add to docs soon:

  1. You need to publish to share between apps, but they are private to your user account unless you choose to send them to the public review queue
  2. The preview image changes when you select “Overwrite local template” from the Advanced menu in isolation mode; I think you need to refresh Composer
  3. Currently no way to do that, sorry! We’ll implement this hopefully soon.
  4. Yes, via the Edit properties button in the isolation mode. You need to click “Overwrite local template” under Advanced menu to change what’s visible in the component library. Note that this won’t change the composite instance’s name; you need to fix that outside isolation mode under Advanced in the right-side property panel.
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