More Dropdown Issues

Dropdown issue again. Basically the issue is I can not get the selected label to work in the preview app.
It works on the web preview.

Setup as below.
Option List:
MAP(data.Trailer_List1, {label:item.Trailer_Number,})

Selected Value:
Set to a page variable. -This works and I’m writing to by backend.

Place Holder Text:
Static text “Select Option”

Selected Label:

This is the problem.

What I have tried:

self.label - Does not work

Selected component Properties
won’t let me bind to anything

I have also tried setting a page variable in the logic using both “on click” and “Property selected value change” as triggers.
The page variable is set to binding of
Component Properties > Selected Components property or output value > Selected Label

This page variable is then assigned to the “Selected Label” of the dropdown.

In the debugger this page variable is set as expected but still does not display on the preview app.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Problem for me was in the Advanced properties of the drop down.

I needed to set “Show Value As Label” to false.

Hope it helps someone.

Can you please share your flow components related to actions on selection of options in dropdown? I have a peculiar issue. Can’t view all the items in my Option list. My Option List has static values.

You options don’t appear in the dropdown when viewed in a preview?