Move File function and target file path

How would I specify to Move a file from a temporary path (as if an image stored from a component screen capture) to the Download folder on Android or iOS? I keep getting Unknown errors when i try to use the Move File flow function and im pretty sure its because i am not specifying the target path correctly.

If I use flow function [Move/rename file/directory] and set a source path from my [Take photo] FF and for target path I set + "/myfile.jpg" I can find the file under downloads folder with the name “myfile.jpg”.

Does this help you to implement what you want?

(note that this allows you to overwrite any file you have in your file system and the toggle to disallow overwriting is not working at the moment :grimacing:)

Yes I didnt realize a system variable was already set up to point to the download directory. This worked out nicely. Thanks