Move/rename file/directory buggy

Has anyone successfully save an image from “take photo” to the directory “systemVars.fileSystem.directories.document” ?
I use the move/rename file/directory with the formula: systemVars.fileSystem.directories.document+"/"+outputs[“Take photo”]
The output message is ok, with also the path of the saved file … but if I go to see in the phone there is no file!
Please help me!

It’s works with:"/"+filename
but not with systemVars.fileSystem.directories.document !

Please help !!!

Hmm… I’m not sure, perhaps that folder is not available? Please file a bug report about this so we can look into it at Bug Reports | AppGyver

The directory is

no error with move/copy file after photo taking but the file in is missing.

I try so many times, no file on device.