MQTT and AppGyver

Hello to all,
I am a newbie in Composer development,
but, before I proceed, I need to know if Composer can
manage MQTT messages to interact with an IoT application.
To explain better, I would like my app to interact with an mqtt broker
I searched for discussions on this topic, but found nothing
Maybe I need to use a websocket?
And if so, where do I find some examples?

I have interest in this subject too…


I have no idea on this type of an integration would be possible, but I would guess not. Currently the only way to integrate is via a REST API. Later on we hope to provide more options, but that won’t be any time soon. Another way of integrating something would be third party react native plugins, for which we are currently creating support.

Hi Mevi, and Bresca, we normally use protocol MQTT for IOT - we can do it, using REST API + sites how Arduino IoT Cloud or

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@Mevi. Thank for your reply. I’ll try to use REST API.
@Rubem_Andrade. I know Arduino IoT cloud and others, but I don’t like their native dashboard/app because seem not professional, or maybe are you suggesting me I can use Appgyver with arduino cloud and mqtt via REST API?

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Yes, both solutions having connections REST API and you can work with yours IOTs through this comunications (APPGRYVER >> REST API >> SITE ARDUINO >> MQTT >> IOTs)…

Do you have NODE RED too. Maybe its interesting for you…

greetings from brazil