Multi Combo Box - Refresh List Problem

The Multi Combo Box with Input Component I am using has a list of 350 items to choose from.
When I select an item, it takes 6 seconds to refresh the list.
The data for the list are all entered into the component, so there is no API calling going on.

The list needs to refresh instantaneously when an item is selected, anyone any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

No idea other than thinking these multi combo components are crap.
I’d suggest though that you make a copy of that component with the 350 entries on a blank page and edit one component by removing half the entries to test performance. If still slow, remove half of the entries again until you find it’s no longer slow.
Mark that number if it’s really low and submit a bug ticket.

The 350 items list to choose from is not overdoing it in my opinion, so you are right it must be a bug.
I am rebuilding the whole thing from scratch. This is a central feature in my App, so it needs to be reactive.
Thank you for your input Fred.

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