Multi combo box with input question

Hello guys !
I’m playing around with appgyver for days now, first thanks a lot to the whole team, this is an amazing tool. And allowing the build export like that is very nice, I hope it will remain free and accessible as is.

So I’m using the marketplace component “multi combo box with input question”. I managed to retrieve its output so no problem on this part (documentation on that was well hidden though :smile: )

But I can’t modify the input, I tried a lot of things, list of objects with 1 param as expected, list of text etc… I used the mapping proposal, tried to tweak it (i’m a beginner here sorrry, but I’m persistent) , it looks like this → MAP(pageVars.studylist, { token: LOOKUP(item, “name”) })
My variable is studylist, and I try to feed the component lookup with names. Do I need some sort of loop? (My variable has 5 values I checked already if it wasnt empty on the page)

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi, your approach to configuring the component sounds correct. What happens if you try a formula binding with MAP(pageVars.studylist, {token:})?

Hey, I got it working like this with a page variable that contains objects with “id” property:

What version of the preview app are you using? Android, iOS, web, and which version?

Hello, first thanks for your quick reply :slight_smile: !
So it still doesn’t work, I tried to replicate the binding you suggest with my list, and as you can see below the example result seems correct no ? → MAP(data.AirStudies1, {token: LOOKUP(item.fields, “Name”) }) I directly use the result of my GET records, previously I was using a transitional variable but that is not useful I guess haha

I’m using and I’m focused on building a web application so I do nothing with iOS/Android.

Kind regards

Hi, I got the problem to reproduce with a data variable. Looks like the component’s internal logic sets the status of the options (if they are checked or not) into a private variable too fast before the data has been initialized, which causes the problem. I’ll put this on our backlog to be fixed, but you can fix it yourself like this before the new component release comes out:

Yeah ! It works thanks a lot ,

Can you also add on the ticket the default “set output value” logic so that we can use further the content selected for instance ? Or maybe I’m wrong to do it this way ?

Hi, the component already outputs a list of the selected tokens:

OK thanks,

Totally me, always overkilling it haha.

many thanks for your help today

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