Multi combo box with input

Hi I’m really excited about this new component. Almost made it work but checking if a behaviour I’m experiencing is a bug or expected.

I mapped a page var (list of objects with one property named “Option”) to the property “List of Options”. This page var is populated once on page mount and on Change event of the page var bound to Input Value. Please refer the screenshot.

The problem is the Options list is loaded one time on page mount. The on-change event is changing the value of the page var bound to Option List property, but the list is not refreshed on the interface.

Is it an expected behaviour, a bug or I’m missing something? Is the Option list supposed to be static?

Here is the screenshots of my config:

Hi @Kaushik_Bhattacharya, right now the component’s option list is not dynamic, but it is set once when the component mounts. It’s a good idea though to add this as a new feature to the component :slight_smile: I’ll put it on the backlog.


Ok got it. Tx for putting it in the backlog.

Hi Mari, a related question: how do I get the selected tokens to a page variable etc? Via Receive Event I only get an empty list for some reason. Any advice for that? Thanks!

Hi @ahannula, looks like the setting of a page variable from a component’s output value is not working as expected. I’ll make an internal bug ticket about this.

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Do you already have an estimate when this would be fixed ie. working? This feature is quite useful, thanks.

Any updates on this issue? Thanks.

Hi, the bug has been fixed and it will be out with the 4.2.x runtime release.

Great! What’s the expected timeline for the release?

Another, related question. Just noticed Mac Preview app is still at 3.4.4, is that going to be updated as well while iPad Preview is not at 4.1.x?