Multi-target or polyvalent apps. Target environment driven dynamic app pages routing?

Hello, Quite often I would like to use one single application against multiple targets for instance as a mobile iOS and as a web application. Thus I would like to be able to dynamically, on-the-go, hide those app pages that feature components like WebViews which are not necessarily compatible across all target environments. I can imagine one of the system variables will tell the runtime environment of the app. But can this be used to remove certain pages from navigation ? How can this be done ? many thanks; Piotr

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I think you will need to build your own navigation. Then, using the variables you mention it should be relatively straight forward.

sure @Phil_Evans ; but that is a “loaded” question. I am hoping to get some insight from Appgyver’s side regarding the custom navigation. I would hope the custom navigation, when officially supported, would allow for runtime decision making. cheers; Piotr

Sounds like a good plan, but the reality of most of the dev work is that even if accepted its 6+ months away. So for any requirement in the short to medium term its going to need to be a DIY approach. I´ve seen quite a few threads on navigation and menus so there is help out there, but don´t have any in my app so not able to assist.

Good luck!