Multibox- how can I filter a list linked to firbase data using a multi combo box?

Hello! I’m new to AppGyver. I’ve been using this platform to create an app for a school project. One thing that I have found really difficult is to filter a list using a multi combo box. My app is linked to firebase, and one of the data document is divided into four categories id, name (text), priority (number) and type (list of texts). I already have ordered this list by the priority number, which was one of my goals. However, I want the user to also be able to filter the list according to the type. For example, they would select the products they want to deliver and then the list would show which places (name) accept theses products (defined by type). How could I make? I’ve been trying to use a multi combo box, but I don’t know how to link it to the scrollable list and to the firebase data. I wanted the list to be defined by the firebase data, so that I can change even after the app is publicated.
Thank you for the help!

Hi! This is a little advanced thing to do, so if you’re not familiar with the terminology I use please check the docs on material to teach you further about how to do the things I talk about :sweat_smile:

Use the multi combo box’ output of which tokens are selected to filter the scrollable list contents using a formula. I would prefer to not use a data component like scrollable list for the filtering functionality, but it might be possible to do using the filters property when you configure the data component (not certain though, and you might need to use a page variable to store the output of the selected tokens first). The other option is to build your own scrollable list component using a data variable to store the data, a scroll view for the scrolling and any list item component (or make your own) for the list. In this latter case, you’d be more free to use formulas, which is what makes it easier in my opinion, and you’d use probably SELECT and SOME together.

There are also some threads on this on the forum, you could check out for example How to dynamically filter on-device storage? and Search & Filter a dataset

Hope this helps you get forward, let me know if you have further questions!

Thank you so much! I ended up changing the design a little, but I managed to do what I was trying with the dropdown components