Multiline input - how to adjust the size to the contents


this actually has at least of facets:

  • how can the Multiline Input grow with its contents while typing?

  • how can a Multiline Input adjust to the size of its contents when the form is loaded?

Thank you

any discovery for this ?

did you find a solution?

This is one of my pet peeve bugs that this is so difficult to get to work right now :angry: We’re in the process of doing improvements to our primitives, including the input field, and I’m most certainly doing my utmost to get this sorted out that it will finally be possible and preferably easy to handle multi-line inputs…

Thanks a lot for the work mevi, now it’s working perfectly

Has a fix been identified to allow the multiline option to work correctly? If so how can I get my hands on it? As of today, it’s still not working.

Unless there’s a setting I’m not configuring correctly?

Help Please!