Multiple IF statements like SWITCH for dynamic color selection

Hello, I am a beginner and it is sometimes hard to find the right solution. I want to change the color dynamically by IF statements. IF prio high = red, medium =blue and low = green.
Any help and hint how to build the right formular is appriciated! It seems the SWITCH formular does not exist in AppGyver.

Thanks for any kind of help! :slightly_smiling_face:

my example does not work: IF(IS_EMPTY(repeated.current.prio,“high”), theme.$smartColorPalette_app.SAP_negative) ||IF(IS_EMPTY(repeated.current.prio,“low”),theme.$smartColorPalette_app.SAP_positive) ||IF(IS_EMPTY(repeated.current.prio,“medium”),theme.$smartColorPalette_app.SAP_highlight)

Dears, I worked out the formular. With this is works: IF(repeated.current.prio == “low”,theme.$smartColorPalette_app.SAP_positive) || IF(repeated.current.prio == “high”,theme.$smartColorPalette_app.SAP_negative) || IF(repeated.current.prio == “medium”,theme.$smartColorPalette_SAP_primary_1.SAP_grayscale_3)

ISEMPTY was not the best option! slightly_smiling_face: