Multiple layouts at the same time

How can we build completely different layouts for different devices?

  • It would be nice to: 1- select a device, 2- design the layout for it, 3- multiple designs/layouts co-exist
    It’s just a Model-View-Control thinking: you can have multiple Views for your same app.
  • Right now, it’s very difficult to make an app that is good for both iPhone, Android, and iPAD.
  • In Appgyver currently, this is the screen for PREVIEW the app. If it could become the screen to design different layouts for different devices, it would be PERFECT.
  • How do you approach this multiple-device layouts issue in your app?

Whenever I have to make different types of layouts for different form factors, I tend to first determine everything these layouts have in common and how I can modify the rest to be in each form factor – do I want to hide whole sections or will I just adjust width/height of the components within somehow?

After that I use systemVars.formFactor and systemVars.dimensions.viewport in formulas to check what the user is working with and adjust the layout using those.

Thanks Mevi for the tips.

Technically, would it be easy to build this into the core of Appgyver? Basically when I choose the form factor on the design screen, Appgyver will understand that I’m designing for that form factor.
When I choose another form factor, Appgyver will again remember all the adjustments I do is for that form factor.

I can now switch back and forth between form factors easily and design a perfect layout for each form factor.

All underlying logic works the same, just the layout is different.