Multiple quizes/variables not working

I have made a app with 12 quizes. I have app variables for each question. I have the correct ansswers set equal to the proportion of 100% the represent- 8 question quiz= correct andswer is worth 12.5. I am using a equation that looks like this…

screenshot of variables created

screenshot of get results button logic

screenshot of working equaltion

screenshot of non working equation for subsequent quizes

I have a feeling tis something stupid that i just dont know about as im new here

thank you much for the help if you can- greatly appreciated- this is holding up the app launch sadly

First I would change the type of variable to number instead of text now.
Second, if you want to do a simple addition, maybe try simply like that with a plus sign:
AppVar1 + AppVar2 + ,etc…

Hey @Anthony_Sargysian, your project seems to be interesting. I’m working on a similar theme and would love to understand more about your architecture.

I’m at my initial phase of design and feasibility and think any insights from you would greatly help.


Greatly appreciate your input

how would you write the code string? can you give an example please?

sure but… what are you creating?

tell me about your project bud… my architecture is fairly simple to be honest- i had to teach myself how to use basic api function for this thing much the same way a cma works in a web site like webflow sites so my back end is not very complex… how do you mean architecture?

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My project is simple too. In simple words, it’s building a Trivia with a Ranking/Grading system to it. A very high-level features simply put are that the Trivia has multiple Subjects (called Epics) and each Subject can have multiple Packs of quizzes called Episodes. Each Episode may have one or more Units of biteable chunks with approx 10 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) to answer in each Unit that earns a score. Other related features include (a) pre-quiz text to read, (b) quiz practice mode (no points), (c) re-take any number of times to earn more scores, etc. Below is the ariel view of the structure we are imagining.

We are novices too for this kind of project and self-learning and looking for expert advice to execute this project. So, sharing your design/development could help us if that’s ok. Thanks in advance.

I’m not as smart as you… :slight_smile:

mine only has simple quizes- true false questions- a value to true+ added up and gives a score- its diet site to see what kind of diet is best for the person to lose weight= different diets for different types of metabolism

No knowledge is too small bud. I’m very new to the mobile development world and an infant I should say. I’m more of a functional guy and trying to explore this no-code app builder. So you can share your app’s business logic if that’s ok with me (not sure how one could do that). But your projects is definitely an interesting one mate.

AppVars.varable01 + appVar.variable02 + …

Click on the left menu to find the variables and double click them to place them in the input field.

(parenthesis) needed?

business logic? how so?

I just got in there and got my hands dirty and kept going till this is all done except this equation which is driving me insane to be honest

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this is what i get when i do that with parenthesis

Screenshot (228)

when i dont use parenthesis I get a non number code

changed variable type to numbers as well

Ok so it not the plus sign you should use alas.
Your variable values are treated like text.
It’s a simple addition so I guess the ‘add’ formula should do it. Just follow the instruction of how to use it. I saw there were error messages when you used it.

would you be so kind as to give the basic equation for this formula?

Make sure your AppVars are set as number type then put in:
ADD(AppVars.variable01, appVar.variable02,…)

thank you much… I taught myself to use app gyver from tutorials on youtube, so im back end ignorant- much appreciated sir