My 5th Published App

I am celebrating today my 5th Published App (using Appgyver since 2020). Thanks to the dev team and the community here for all the support over last 2 years. This last one has been a year-long journey but my most rewarding one. None of this would have ever been possible without all of you!


Hi John, very happy for you my friend.

If all goes well, from today to tomorrow I should also post an app made with AppGyver… But in my case it will be the first.

I started with AppGyver exactly on the 15th of November 2021 and I am extremely happy to be able to complete an app in what I consider a very short time.

And I know that I only managed to do it because I had and still have the help of the entire community, including yours as well.

And look how cool: just like your app, mine is also about PRAYER, more precisely, about the prayer of the Rosary of the Virgin Mary.

However, unfortunately it will only be for Android for now.

So, CONGRATULATIONS on your 5th achievement!


Thanks @Leo_Sussuarana ! And Congratulations yourself!

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Well done! seems like a very well executed app!!

Thanks, I took my time with this one, a whole year almost!

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