My Android App leads to a white screen, help

Hi there,

I made a text based puzzle game, and when the player hits the first button it just leads to a white screen. My game has incredibly simple logic - navigate to different pages via buttons and text. It works perfectly on iPhones, but Androids don’t.

Any solutions?


Hi Matthew, welcome to the community! Is this issue occurring in the preview app or in a built version of the app?

It is occurring in the preview app. They get to the first screen, which does work - but once they press the first button, they are led to a white screen.

Okay, in this case I’d try to troubleshoot with the Composer debugger first to see if there are any errors in the console or unexpected things happening in app state. (docs)

If you don’t see anything suspicious in the debugger, you can use adb in the command line, which is able to provide more detailed error logs from Android. (docs)