My app disappeared

Hi. Suddenly my app ‘Candle’ disappeared from my pc dashboard…
I don’t know why. I just logged in and as soon as the browser mounted the app disappeared.
I edited the app yesterday, and there was no problem at all…

this is a screenshot of my dashboard.
As you can see, nothing is here…

This is a screenshot of AppGyver mobile application.

When I click the Candle above, app preview works normally. All pages are rendered normally and all flows work well. (even rest api response is normal)

What’s wrong?? please help me… :sob:

Now it’s gone at the AppGyver mobile application, too…
Is there any way to restore it?

:open_mouth: Just checked that the App still exists and is owned by you. Just need to figure out why you can’t see it in your preview. Logging out and Logging in might help.

So your app was scheduled for deletion starting from 5th of July. We managed to restore it so It should now show on your profile again. Not sure how this could be without user interaction?

Same thing just happened to me

I opened appgyver to continue working on my app and my app is missing. I had two apps on my account one was an old tutorial app and the other was my current working app that I have over 3 months of work into. That app is gone. Please Help!!!

Hi! Please let me know your user id so we can look into restoring your deleted app.

Thank you. Someone already got back to me on this issue and resolved it. I appreciate the customer service that AppGyver provides.
Have a great day!

hi, im having the same issues. could you help me .