🔥 My app is dying

Hello everyone,
today I have a really critical problem. Since yesterday morning I can no longer start my app in the SAP AppGyver Preview App. I can start the app and after I have selected a project I still see the spinner for three seconds, after that the app is dead.
How do I find out what the problem is?
I can’t connect to the debugger either.

Please please I need help here very fast. I’m about to present the MVP.

Thanks very much

@Jens_Rohleder what is the app ID (number sequence in Composer URL)?

If you open the app in web preview with the Chrome dev console on (right-click → Inspect → console) is there an error message present?

Any help from one of these common reasons for endless spinner? Troubleshooting — FAQ - AppGyver

hi Mari Thanks for your quick response.

URL… /359764/pages/16 I hope you mean this.

I can’t find an error in the console.
I only see the endless spinner when I want to activate the debugger.
When starting the project in the preview app I see the spinner 3 seconds later the app crashes and is closed.

Thanks so much

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Is there any error message associated with the crash of the app?

Hi @Jens_Rohleder the crash has something to do with the custom font installed in the app. I created a copy of your project where I removed it and the preview works again.

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Thank you so much,
It would never have occurred to me that a web font I’ve been using for months suddenly becomes a problem. Whatever the case, the main thing is that it works again. 1000 thanks

Hi, no problem, apologies for the inconvenience. So you have been successfully running the iOS preview with the font until today? From which URL was the font included?

I made a bug ticket about this so the root cause gets investigated.

All webfonts are uploaded to Wordpress. We also use the fonts for our website.
That would be one of many URLs. For example.
We have each font as: ttf, eot, woff and woff2.

It’s crazy that it worked until the day before yesterday. The AppGyver font is very similar to the Calibre-Regular, so that’s not a big problem for me.

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