My app login keeps loading after 2.4.20 and primitive components upgrade

Hi guys,
after public release 2.4.20 and some updates on logical/primitive components performed to install the new components, my app login keeps loading and so I’m unable to use it.
I’ve raised this issue already in slack channel but I’ve no idea if someone already checked or not what’s happened.
Here all the information needed to check

Thanks as usual for the support

Hi! Please check the “allow unauthenticated access” checkbox for the login page to allow access to it. This change was brought by this breaking change to the navigation structure, which fixes some other issues.

Hi, I’ve tried to enable this option before opening this thread.
I’ve tried once again right now and same result…loading doesn’t disappear and login page is not rendered

Hey @Munus,

I took a look at the app and the issue is not with the login page, the issue could be on any page, since the whole app doesn’t load. I.e the app crashes without crashing the preview app, and it is really hard to say what is actually causing the crash.

Even I can’t get past the spinner… this has been forwarded to our runtime developers, they will have a look at your app, but can’t really give an estimate how long until this can be resolved… of course ASAP, but there are also some other issues open currently. :pensive:

Ok thanks for the information
I will wait the resolution than

Following your tip, I’ve tried to figure out which were all the changes I’ve performed after upgrading and I’ve found the issue
It was in another page where I’ve inserted the searchable list…deleting it resolved the issue
Now I will try to figure out what was crashing the searchable list

Thanks againt Kristian

Searchable list doesn’t work with huge amount of data (i.e 80k elements).
I’ve tried to implement it with a public API result and it stucks in the search.
I’ll open a bug for this