My button logic does not work - buttons go wherewhere

I am building a web app and when I go to preview (as you can see in the image), there is a “loading” that does nothing, my button does not work and neither do the navigation buttons. I have not published it yet - I am just trying to preview that it works.

What am I missing here?

I have created a subdomain at and it is doing the same thing as the preview - my logic does not work, the loading shows and the buttons do not work

This “Loading…” text is web’s version of loading spinner. So I think that somewhere in your app logic there is Show spinner flow function used (or it’s initial load), but you haven’t used Hide spinner after that. You can probably just hide spinner in page mounted event of page 1 to get rid of the “Loading…” This should also make your button work, since loading state blocks further use of the app.

hi this has been changed and yet the button goes nowhere still. I have the component go to sinner go to hide go to open page and still nothing. no click no nothing

I even removed the spinner and it still shows the spinner and the button still does not work

Hi, you have to have the Hide spinner Flow function in your Page mounted event. Now the initial Spinner never gets hidden and stops you from using the Button. The default Hide spinner has probably been deleted at some point and it causes this issue.

(Also, in your case there is no need to have the Show/Hide spinner Flow functions in the Button logic.)