My Data Device Storage is showing Value Type Object

I’m trying to create a device storage data. And its showing Value type Object, which doesn’t let me render Text variables to input components. It says its an object. I’ve tried selecting other value types and they don’t appear.

add new property to the object in which you can select a text … and then you can access it using the object name such as:

Yes. And each and every data record will be an object that has different properties. In case You are unfamiliar with the concept of data records take this example:

Think of the fruit apple. If you think of the apple, your mind will search for a data record in your memory that has an “id” property “apple”. When your mind found it, all properties of the “apple” data record will be read, for example: category: fruit, colour: red, edible: true, count: 1. These are all properties and can be written in the following way:

id: apple,
category: fruit,
colour: red,
edible: true,
count: 1

This would be a object type description of the apple. You could bind the text component to the id, category or colour properties. The same as you can say or write them.
The edible property is a true/false value which helps your mind to decide on something.
The count property is a number, that is possible to use in calculations.

As you think of everything as objects the same applies to the data resources in an app. So to be able to use any value from it in a component, you have to first create the property which you want to use. Every data record should have “id” and at least one more property. The “id” is the one according to which you can later find the specific value.

!!! Please complete the full tutorial that is available in the bottom bar of the Composer Pro. Else you will face a lot of issues and questions. !!!

Oh, end enjoy your journey here. :pray:

Thanks figured it out. I’m still having trouble saving info written in a text field, when I close the app. I watched the video