My experience with AppGyver and Glide (over the last 2 weeks)

If you’re trying to get an idea out of your head and on-screen/iPhone quickly, with little to no development experience then Glide is the hands-down winner. In less than 8 hours I was able to make a business companion app for my team that just works. It looks good, it’s easy to use, it does exactly what the team needs and in a format/layout anyone can understand.

In the 25-30 hours I’ve spent working with AppGyver (not including the time watching YouTube videos) I’ve been able to create ONE SCREEN. And that one screen doesn’t display the data in a way I’m happy with. While working with AppGyver I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve thrown my hands in the air and just walked away!

Getting records into and out of AppGyver was an extremely frustrating experience. Glide, on the other hand, couldn’t be easier, it just worked! Glide didn’t care that my field names had a space in them. Adding several new fields to my data table (Google Sheets) didn’t cause me to curse and yell at my screen. That was reserved for AppGyver.

While the UX/UI on the Glide app works, its a somewhat simplified user experience and a slightly dumbed-down version of what I personally wanted. When creating a UI with AppGyver, while it was initially infuriating, I did create a custom UI that I was happy with. In fact, I was able to create components akin to something I was familiar with in C#. This level of intricate UI creation in simply not possible in Glide.

The background logic (Flow) in AppGyver runs circles around whats available in Glide. I would go as far as saying Glide doesn’t really have a complete logic system. Its enough to do the basics, but beyond that forget about it.

I could go on this rant for a while longer but I’m sure no one wants that. So, will I continue using AppGyver, yes and no. Will I continue using Glide, most certainly.

Glide allows us to very quickly develop basic apps that do the job. No more and no less.

AppGyver is what we’ll be turning to if/when we need to take one of our Glide apps and turn it into something BIG!

Hm, if you somehow care about data privacy and want to have a decent app which connects to your backend only (and does not send any data to the platform provider), I dont see any solution besides AppGyver for this right now. Probably depends on the use case…

You’re saying AppGyver doesn’t act as an intermediary between your app and your data? Does an AppGyver app directly access your datastore? Do you have documentation to support that?

Both AppGyver and Glide adhere to the GDPR laws; as stated in their respective privacy policy.

Pissing in my pocket and telling me is raining, doesn’t mean its raining.

Yes, Appgyver confirmed this and I also did network traces to be sure both for WebApps and the mobile app are not sending any data somewhere else except to my own backend.
If you use Appgyver backend for your apps, this is a different story of course.