My first app was released by Apple 🥳

I’m so happy with the launch of my app that I’d like to share it with you. It took a bit to learn AppGyver, plus I had to change quite a lot the app styles as AppGyver decided to add the safeArea that is in the header and footer which I hope they fix it soon.

However, AppGyver is quite flexible and they really deliver what they promised really well in my opinion compared to many apps no-code apps and the best thing is truly free. There are many things that I’d like to suggest AppGyver in terms of how to deal with design and UX stuff, but, I’ll share them later.

I created the app for people to easily find weekend flights:
Lilica - Find Weekend Flights

I hope you like it and I’m more than open to receiving suggestions.


Congratulations to you! It looks great!

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Thank you mate, so far it’s ok. I’ve had some issues with the version code on Google Play Control that I hope to fix it soon.

This is great work, congrats! :partying_face:

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Looks great. Congrats :clap:

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Did you have some major issues with the process in AppStore or PlayStore? I am currently preparing my public beta and it is the first time I will go trough the process of Apple and Google.

Congrats! How much did you know about programming before building with Appgyver? What did you use to learn Appgyver?

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Yes, the process to publish an app in AppStore and PlayStore isn’t a trivial submission. That’s not an Appgyver problem tho, it’s just their bureaucratic process. I had to rely on many tutorials and forum to publish the app.

Thanks, Toney. This app is a bit complicated process as deals with date/time, timezone, and user location. So, knowing a bit of logic and programming helps a lot but it’s not a requirement.

If you have excel know-how enough to use formulas and functions, will help a lot too. :slight_smile: