My first public app πŸŽ‰

Hello everyone :wave:!

My app developed on AppGyver is on Android (on Apple Store, it’s more complicated when you have no mac :confused:). The database is on airtable: I do not recommend too much reactive (pay attention to the call time when building an app with Airtable) but it’s just a small No code tools directory.

Thank you to all the AppGyver team for this great tool. :pray:
Continue like that

Link to the app:


Congrats for your first public app! :clap:

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Congrats. Great work getting your first published app done!

For the mac isnt not that bad, I have done it. Rent a service from I used them and now have my app on app store too. Follow the guides step by step and accurately. All my issues were down to me miss reading steps.

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Thank you @Phil_Evans for this solution! I did not know, I’ll try in the next few days.

First of all, congratulations, great job and I liked it a lot… there are even applications that I didn’t know it. It would be nice if the app could save some data on the phone, because when I disable the internet all the information disappears and for its use one must have data. Otherwise, this app is spectacular.

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