My formula is not adding

I don’t know why the values ​​don’t add up, just do subtraction I’ve tried everything and it doesn’t work is it a bug?
IF( == undefined, “–”, - appVars.desconto + appVars.jurosmulta)

Is everything of Number type?

yes they are numeric

only subtraction is working, sum not working

Then try using the built in math formulas:

ADD(firstnumber, secondnumber)

or wrap the subtraction into a bracket and also the full calculation into a bracket:

IF( == undefined, “–”, (( - appVars.desconto) + appVars.jurosmulta))

you alerted me and I had this idea that worked perfectly thanks!
IF( == undefined, “–”, NUMBER( - NUMBER(appVars.desconto) + NUMBER(appVars.jurosmulta))