My whole project got deleted... why?

Suddenly my whole project are deleted.
I don’t know why.

This is a disaster…

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Have you messaged a team member yet? I’ll tag a few and they’ll probably see and respond to this/get in touch with you on Monday. @Harri_Sarsa @Mevi @Cecilia

I’ve heard of this happening before and they’ve mentioned the projects can be restored by a team member. Good luck!

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Yep your project can be restored within 30 days before it is permanently deleted. Please tell me the AppGyver user id of the account that created the app (you can find it here if you are logged in with that account) and the approximate name of the deleted app so we will know which one it is if there are several apps you have deleted.

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I created a new project yesterday.
Since it’s almost done I don’t need to restore my project.

I was checking UI on an android and iOS at the same time 2 days ago.
All of sudden warning messages showed up on android phone.
And then everything was gone…

I just build a new app with a new keystore.
Don’t bother to restore my project.

When my project got deleted, it was so embarrassing but thanks to this experience I’ve learned a lot about app development.

Anyway I always thank Appgyver team for supporting this amazing no coding tool.


Glad it worked out for you in the end, mate! :slight_smile: