Nav bar / Bottom bar Questions

Not sure if it’s been asked before, but I don’t even know what to search for.
How can I remove the white 1px line below the title bar and the 1px line above the bottom nav bar?
Also, how can I style the bottom items. Eg. I want both the icon and text to be the same subdued color and highlight color (when highlighted). cheers!

@Harri_Sarsa is this the UINavigationBar UIShadow? How do i change it?

These cannot unfortunately currently be edited, but we’ll look into this as soon as possible, possibly alongside the new navigation editor.

Created a ticket for this:

hey @Harri_Sarsa thanks for this. what is the timeline we are looking at though? I wanna build this app as a MVP for a project I’m proposing and I’d be happy to go on a paid plan of sorts if that will help speed things up or speed up the UI currently of the site in Singapore. Cheers.

Sorry for my question but how ho you produce this kind of bottom bar ?
Can you share the process to obtain it ? Thanks

Hi! This is the native tab bar or navigation menu. Find it under the “navigation” tab from the top. More on the navigation menu here.

i did but even if they are enabled are not showing up for me and this stops my development for now…

Hmm, do you happen to have auth enabled? Tabs are available only after the initial view is dismissed.