Nav bar missing in Appgyver emulator app iOS and Android


I’ve enabled the navigation header bar and the navigation menu in my Appgyver mobile app build, but in the emulator app on both iOS and Android these elements are missing.

I’ve disabled and re-enabled them, created a whole new test app, disabled and re-enabled them in here and it works for the test app but not the app I’ve been working on.

Is this a bug or am I doing something stupid? For context, I’m a rookie no-code developer building his first no-code app.

My app id is: 176594 and the test app id is: 185064. The version of the appgyver emulator mobile app is: 2.4.24 on both iOS and Android


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I’ve now reported this as a bug as it has happened again on the 2nd app I was building.

Hey community,

Is anyone else experiencing issues with the nav bars in the emulator apps, or is it just me?

I haven’t heard anything from the appgyver team as yet, so starting to wonder if it’s just me getting these issues.


Hi! Sorry for the belated answer. What do you mean by “emulator app”? The build from build service? Nav bar should only disappear if you have disabled it from (top menu) Navigation > Navigation header bar.

Hi Mevi,

Thanks for coming back to me. When I say emulator app I mean the Appgyver preview app. Kristian has explained to me that it is because I have activated the 3rd party authentication that this has been happening in my app.