Nav- Hamburger option missing in Mobile Web

Hi all.

After building my app with runtime 2.6.3 and deploying as a webapp, the nav bar is appearing as a side bar in mobile web browsers, instead of the Hamburger menu.

I tried the web build in:

  1. Appgyver Web Preview (with browser’s mobile view)
  2. Netlify
  3. Another hosting service

Is there some setting that i’m missing or is it a bug?


Hi @Mevi @Harri_Sarsa . Bumping this again.
Would really appreciate an input on this.


there’s no hamburger menu available at the moment, I’m afraid. You will have to create your own custom navigation bar for that. We will perhaps have this as an option later on when we get to finish the advanced navigation editor, but I don’t know yet when that will be.


Kindly confirm if this information is not relevant any more?

Because, here it clearly mentions that the Hamburger menu is definitely the option for Mobile Web browsers.

Any word on this issue? Why is Hamburger menu not appearing in mobile web browsers? Is the documentation incorrect?

also interested, the documentation clearly says there should be a hamburger. what a surprise when trying it there was none :smiley:

Hrrmmm. Yeah, the current mobile web menu is definitely suboptimal. You should disable it and build a custom navigation instead if you intend for use via mobile web. We will have more navigation options in the future, but they aren’t available as of now. I’ll amend the documentation.

@Mevi hi, I clearly see what you wrote. I just want to verify that for native Apple and Android apps, the hamburger menu works correctly.
I’m not concerned with web app of any flavor.

Hi! There is no hamburger menu in native Apple or Android apps I’m afraid. The native navigation options we have available at the moment are the navigation header and navigation menu (on bottom). You can also build a custom solution with containers, some of our users have done so.