Navigate Back Error - April2021

Can anyone confirm that navigate back logic works properly on standalone builds?
It seems to be working fine on the preview app but when building an apk with either 2.5.12 or 2.6.3 it doesn’t do anything.

Go Back flow still doesn’t work on a particular build. Is it only me or do I have to build another app and try back flow again?

Hi @Edvin_Rushitaj, are you still experiencing this issue in your build? Are you navigating back from a page that has been opened in a modal or not?

Hi Mari, until a week ago I had this issue and I was forced to change the back button with a ‘replace page’ function (to much manual work really) because i had to publish the app. The thing is that it worked fine on the preview app but not on the final build. Anyway, I will try again in the coming hours and write back