Navigate Back not working correctly

I’m using the appgyver preview app and when I use navigate back (1 page or no entry) it goes back to the select app menu instead of one page. To me this it should never nav back to the menu but if it should then this is going back two pages.

On the home screen the user opens a page via the navigate menu then the navigate back is executed via a flow function.

I can open the page via the navigate menu on the home page or go to a non navigate menu page and then use the navigate menu to open the page. In both cases it drops back to the select app menu. So it’s either going back two or three pages.

Is this just a preview app issue? What’s going on?

It only does that in the Preview app, not the final Build.

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Thanks John, you’re also helpful.

Should this not be classed a bug though? They should either document that it works like this or put it in the bug list.

No because technically the Preview App’s root launch screen is that app menu screen - Not your App launch screen - so that is where the Navigate Back function would take it back to.

Sorry, I disagree.

  1. I am using navigate back 1 and it goes back to root (app menu) this is not the correct behaviour as this represents 2 jumps.
  2. As well, when you nav back to the app menu the appvars will be reinitialized and this mean nav back can never be tested prior to deployment.
  3. This behaviour is different than in web preview app(!)

I cannot see how this is not a bug.

Hi @rwingr, you’re right, it should be going back to the initial tab and not the listing. This will be fixed in the next runtime release.

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Hi @Mari while I was setting up the navigation of my app I have the same behavior. The words of @rwingr was perfect. How is the plan of fixing this ? Thanks in advance !