Navigate to page not working

I have a button set to navigate to another page but it just does nothing. No console errors, all I see is a brief ‘waiting for dolan-api’ at the bottom of the page. Anyone else having this issue?

I switched the navigate to page to an alert and the alert triggers so for sure it is not the component tap causing the issue.

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Weirdly if I set ‘open in modal’ to true it starts working, but seems to open the page rather than a modal…

A modal opens with an animation from below and a page opens with an animation from the side. To me it sounds like you might have enabled auth in your app – you can’t at the moment open pages on top of the initial page, only modals :grimacing:


I’ve been building a web app and everything has been working fine. I refreshed the browser (Windows / Google Chrome) and the web preview now won’t follow any links that previously worked. Even if I add a test button with a link to another page - it won’t open. I see the waiting for dolan message and that’s it.

It’s happened twice, I managed to get the app working by reverting to a previous version but now I’ve ended up with it not working again. I don’t know what step killed things and when I try and revert back, I can’t get it to work.

I tried building the app, and I get a build error log with the message “We could not determine the cause of the error”. I’ve attached the log, can someone see if they can get to the bottom of the issue from this?151269-error.log (306.8 KB)

I’ve also noticed if I try and switch on the navigation menu - it no longer appears.

The appId is 278698 if that helps.

Any help would be much appreciated - I’ve done loads of work and now it’s all got to stop with deadlines fast approaching.

So I just tried the Open in modal setting to true and the link works. However, it’s passing parameters from a data source and now I can see the parameters aren’t being passed. The links that don’t have the model setting set to true still don’t work.

Could this be an issue with the data source? Not sure, how to diagnose this further.

One more bit of info, even though it’s not a mobile app, I connected to the debugger to see if that reveals any more info.

I can see the following error in the Console “Context page.Page2 not found, event context canvas/page.Page2 remains unchanged”. When I look at page2 in the editor it is the Global Canvas which I’ve not touched.

Issue resolved - switch off Auth. Shame this info isn’t included as part of the Auth instructions. It worked for a long time with Auth switched on. Very weird behaviour that it suddenly stops.

However build as web app is still not working.

Yes the auth could definitely have some more info inside Composer as well. There’s documentation on how it and its navigation structure works here.

The build error log you uploaded previously looks like there is some image asset in your app which has a faulty URL, which the build service can’t download. Are you still getting the same error?