Navigate to previous opened page

Hi all.

I created two navigation button, left one is for navigating back and the right one is for opening previous opened page however I do not have an idea on how to set up the logic for the right button

Use the Navigate back flow function from the component market.

What we’re trying to do is imagine this sequence of app pages:

Home (1) > Subscription Page (2) > Subscription Contact Information (3)

Now there’s those two (left and right) buttons on the Subscription Page (2) and Subscription Contact Information (3). Imagine that I’ve navigated the app until Subscription Contact Information (3) and then I pressed the left button which navigated the page back to Subscription Page (2).

Now in Subscription page (2) there’s the two buttons again. However, this time, if I click the left button, it will move me back to the home page (1). If I click the right button, it will move me back to Subscription Contact Information page (3).

We already have the logic for the left button, what we don’t have is the logic for the right button.

Hi, you can use the Open page flow function, specifying which page you want to open. If you need to preserve information on a page (contact info is still there when you press the right button on Subscription page again), another way to do it is to use the Conditional Renderer component from the marketplace, and just render different screens on the click of the button without leaving the page.