Navigating to a different tab

Sorry. I’m new to Appgyver. I’m creating a simple photos app. I have a page that launched the camera, takes a photo, copies the file to a safe directory. After that, I want to navigate to another page at the top level tab navigation. If I used “Open Page” it goes to that page, but my nav bar says I’m still at home. If I try Navigate Back, it closes the app. I also tried “Replace Page”. I’m in the Appgyver preview app. Any ideas? Thank you!

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the app crushing, could be something completely different (like some delay function i also had the app crush when i make two conflicting functions) but for the navigation problem, i suggest starting from the navigation tab and make sure that each page is set up as you think they should.
It is likely that two pages are set in the photo nav button and that’s why the app crashes too.

hope it helps

Thanks, Dimos…

My tabs are all set up correctly. To simplify the problem, I put a simple button on the Home page that opens page Photos. When I click it, it goes to photos, but as a new page on the stack in the Home tab.

So my real question is: how do you navigate from one tab to another from a page?

For anyone who finds this with the same problem, I ended up building a custom navigation like this video describes:

If you built a custom navigation and you have changed the page but your icon still shows is if you were on the previous, it means that you have to modify the format of the changing color on the navigation icon when you change to a different page.

Stick with the open page flow function after you create the record. (at least that’s what I’ll do)