Navigation bar cuts off content

If I load my app on the AppGyver Preview on my phone, there is a navigation bar at the bottom that cuts off the content. I don’t see this navigation bar in the editor views and I don’t know how to change the content in a way that it won’t be cut off by the navigation bar.

The first question should be, if you can scroll at all in the preview?

Another thing to do is
Go to the page layout styling and add bottom padding
if this doesnt work, you can always add a container with end of your page


Yes, I can scroll.
I changed the bottom padding to 192px (xxl), but it didn’t change anything.

What helped is to add an empty container at the end of the list with a fixed height. Is this the best practice?

in reallity, the padding should fix it (but in my case it didnt too) the thing with the container has no problem

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Try an empty container after everything of interest. I set mine to 3/4 of the screen size, so that you can scroll content to the top so its well away from the keyboard.

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Page padding is the intended way to do this, but it does not work on mobile at the moment - however, a fix will be coming soon!
Using an empty fixed height container is the currently used workaround, and shouldn’t cause any issues.

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