Navigation button is not working in the page opened as modal?

Navigation button is not working in the page opened as modal. Any solution for that?
Thanks a lot.

Can you share the app ID and describe the repro steps to get to this bug? What do you mean by “navigation button”?

Sure. there only 2 buttons just to show the button at modal page doesnt open other page.

Build 200955 (is this the app ID?)

App id is in the URL of your app builder

for example in this case its 1807.

Then app id is 98734.

Definitely bugging, I’d suggest you use Navigate back or Navigate back to root functions until we get it fixed.

Also, you should be able to open multiple modals on top of one another – just not push a new page to the navigation stack when you have a modal open.

Hi @Sasu_Makinen! Hi @Harri_Sarsa!

I just ran into this same problem. In order to help the user focus on completing a series of steps, I open the 4 pages as modals with the intention of returning the user to the starting point at the end. However, I seem to only be able to:

  • Navigate back
  • Open other pages in modal

If the user’s progress is

    • Page 1 (regular)
    • Page 2 (modal)
    • Page 3 (modal)
    • Page 4 (modal)
    • Page 5 (modal)
      is there a way for me to jump them from 5 (in modal) back to 1 (not modal)?

Hi, there’s Flow function Navigate back to root which might be useful if your Page 1 is on root level.

Otherwise the only option that comes to my mind is to use some App variable (e.g. pageStackShouldClose) and assign its value true when you want to go back from Page 5 to Page 1.

On Page 5 you’d just Set app variable pageStackShouldClose to true before you Navigate back. Then for each page in between (2,3,4) connect If condition Flow function that checks pageStackShouldClose value to the Page focused event. If pageStackShouldClose is true use Navigate back on all of the pages so those will just quickly disappear one by one. On Page 1 Set app variable pageStackShouldClose back to false.

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I just had this issue and found this post while trying to solve it. My workaround was:

  1. Set an app variable called “selectedID”
  2. Set a page parameter called “modal” if the same page can be opened as modal or not (my case).
  3. Put an IF condition that:
  • IF page parameter “modal” is set to 1, then set the app variable “selectedID” with the selected object ID of the page and then “Navigate back”
  • IF page parameter “modal” is empty, then open the regular page.
  1. On the page who originally opened this page as modal (setting the parameter “modal=1”) handle you logic using the app variable “selectedID”.
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