Navigation from list item

hi there! I do need some help. I’m facing a problem on navigation from list item to its own specific page.

first thing first, i created a page where user can key in their department name.

next, the name of the department that been keyin will be shown on the next page.

so, i’m facing a problem where i wanted to navigate the search list to its own specific page.

i already been try on page parameter where set as id but all the list item contain a same information.

I think all that you need was explained in the below tut:

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thank you yousef…may I know what kind of database been used?

They are using a REST API, I have no idea which database the provider is using

thank you so much for the video tutorial…may i know how i want to make a preview phone on the screen just like in the video that you provided.

I think this feature used only by Appgyver’s team, for us, we have to use their mobile app for preview, which is the same.

Oooo i see…btw thank you again yousef

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