Navigation giving this error on web app, any idea how to fix?


Access Denied



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Happpening to me too on the webapp build! @Mevi , @Harri_Sarsa , I’ve been seeing this happen when navigating once in a while since version 4.x was released.

It made me disable authentication entirely thinking the “access denied” was a bug related to authentication, but it persists even after that.

I had to go back to runtime 3.3.5 in order to fix it. And they are deprecating that soon. This is scary when they break things so fundamental in their updates. Has anyone come up with a fix?

Exactly, it’s happening on all builds 4.x. Didn’t settle for 3.3.5 because I thought it would be fixed sooner. Happens in like 10% of page transitions in webapp for me.

Like so:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


Access Denied



It’s crazy man. Entirely frustrating.

This is discussed in depth here – I tested this issue against the upcoming 4.5.4 and it seems to be fixed there. 4.5.4 is in the final acceptance stages before release so it’s hopefully out before July.