Navigation Menu using containers

I want to create navigation menu by myself, using container. But, can i put this container to the end of screen, that will be in all the phones on the bottom side? (like navigation position)

Yes! See here.

I can create custom nav bar, but my scrollview data visible in this container. I tried all the requirements, but i can’t set truely. Is there any ways to solve this problem?

At least you could try setting a high Z-index to the nav bar container (e.g. 90), and a lot lower Z-index to the scrollview (e.g. 9). You can find Z-index under Position.

Thank you so much!!!

Sorry for my a lot of questions…

I have one more question, I put my custom bottom nav menu to the Container, and i give "absolute position, bottom - 0 " to the bottom nav menu container, but i think because of i put it to the container with relative position, it isn’t same visible in the different phones. I tried to set all of them and i spent a lot of time on this. I need to put it to the this container. Could you help, please?

Hi! Hmm, nothing comes to my mind straight away. I would recommend putting the Container Bottom Menu to directly under the Page Layout instead of being Page Layout > Container Main > Container Main Page > Container Bottom Menu, perhaps that might help? If that doesn’t work, please give me your app id so I can have a look.

App id: 125125.

Yeap, of course in this case it works. Why I need to put it to the “Container Main Page”, because I have burger menu container and it is hidden. And when you tap to the burger menu icon it will shown about 75% of the page. And when it is visible there Container Bottom Menu shouldn’t be visible. It should be only in the Container Main Page.

Like that:

Oh, ok. Then put it as high up in the hierarchy as you can. Check the container(s) the bottom bar is in. One of these is ”too tall”, so if you have set the height of any of these, take that setting away or adjust it. I would recommend using system vars (viewport height) to calculate the height, or just use flex grow 1 or similar.