Navigation Menu

Is it possible to open navigation menu JUST after one exactly page?
It means we want to open navigation menu JUST for selected pages.

You could open a page as a modal, this will effectively render the page on top of the menu. I don’t think you’ll be able to slide back, however, you can slide down. Great for a settings page or in app content etc.

Perhaps the new and improved navigation system will allow to hide/show menu based on page and/or variable

Can you explain how to open a page as a modal?

When you set up the logic to navigate to the page, in the navigation component you will have an option under inputs that says “open in modal?”. Just set that to True, and you should be good to go. :slight_smile:

I tried to set the page as modal. When page opens as modal, we can’t go back and to the next pages. For example, i set to the button next other page, but because of this page as modal i ca’t go to the next page. Are there some ways to open other pages, when page set as modal?

Hi! Yes the navigation structure is a little different when it comes to modals rather than just normal pages. Modals are supposed to cover the whole screen, so if you want to provide the user a way to go back, you can either construct your own navigation bar, or have an icon or button with the flow function navigate back attached to it. If you want to open further pages in the modal, you can open more modals on top of the existing one. If you don’t want more modals, you can show/hide content by showing and hiding containers as the user moves “through” pages.

I just checked and this may be fixed in the future to work differently with our new 2.X client runtime!