Navigation not enabled, start page Global canvas


When I disable the Navigation menu, and then enable the Navigation header bar, the Navigation menu is removed, but the Navigation header bar does not appear. If I leave them both enabled, they both appear and work.

Also, when I disable the Navigation menu, the default page (Home) is properly selected, but the message below the menu reads: “Not enabled, start page Global canvas”.

Does anyone know how I might fix this, so that I can use one or the other as needed?

Thanks so much!

I forgot to mention that testing is mostly being done using the AppGyver app, which suddenly today seems to have a serious display issue. At first it would not load, at all. So I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Now it loads, but both the header bar and menu bar are showing, and do not respond to my efforts to turn them off. Also, the native color changes do nothing.

I’m also testing Android builds. These builds do not have issues with the header or menu bar.

Global canvas should definitely not be the default page or start page. I have no idea how it’s even possible to have global canvas there as I don’t see it as an option to select in any of the apps I tested :thinking: Unless you perhaps deleted all the other pages at some point? Either way, if the global canvas would be the start page, the app would crash on start. Since that doesn’t seem to be what’s happening, I would just ignore it.

If you’re using 1.9.X, native color changes should work in the Preview app (and I just tested on my iPhone that they do). I’m also able to disable header bar and menu (I think every configuration except having only the header bar works). So if you’re still experiencing this, please give me your app id so I could see and have a look.

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Hi Mevi, thank you for your reply! Here is my app ID: 131300. This is an app being developed for a client, so I hope to be able to retain all progress up to this point. :wink:

I’m attaching a screenshot of the Preview app. Only the bottom menu should be showing, and the menu bar should be brown (all icons white)… as seen in the latest Android build.

I’ll have a closer look on Monday, as I’ve left work for the weekend and don’t have an Android with me :sweat_smile:

Awesome, thank you. Monday is good. I appreciate your time on this! :slight_smile:

Hi! Just checking, when you open your AppGyver Preview app, what runtime version do you have? (You can see this under your Account settings, found by clicking your email in the Apps list page)

If it’s 2.something you’re using the beta, and the nav styles and hiding/showing are still under development, as the whole navigation structure is getting upgrades. 1.9.X is what you’re building with, and in those the navigational styling and everything works.

Hi. I see runtime version 2.3.4. Ok, the actual builds do look correct, so this makes perfect sense. Thanks for clearing this up Mevi! :slight_smile:

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Actually, I was wrong. I disabled the bottom navigation menu, enabled the top navigation bar, and then ran another Android build. Now, on the build version, I do not have access to either navigation option. So perhaps something is misconfigured in the app? Any idea what that might be?


I think I remember only having the top navigation is an option that doesn’t work, removing the tabs removes both (this is being fixed in 2.X) :thinking: If you want to have only the top bar, I would build a custom one out of a container you put on the top of every page (showing back-option whenever page has params etc.)

@Mevi: Sounds good. Thanks for the heads up on 2.X!

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