Need a Freelancer's help for connecting Appgyver/firebase/firestore

I am working on building a gamified educational app with appgyver. But I need to use the Variables that come from a database. Also, user authentication and personal dashboards need to be stored somewhere.

I have chosen to use firebase and need help to set everything up there and connect it to Appgyver securely.
I also would like to learn how to tweak the databases when needed.

There are some great people on here. I don´t know anything about auth, so its not for me.

But when you get to the database side, check out FireFoo. I´m using it to manage data into and out of firebase and it really make everything so much easier.

Hi and welcome, if you can find someone to help you, great!

If not, to learn about firebase auth, you can start by going through the docs here. If you run into problems, ask away and we’ll try to help :slight_smile: