Need a personal helper

I’m looking for members, who have mastered this tool to personally assist me during the course of my development of this project.
You need not be an expert, but intermediate knowledge of using various elements and good problem solving skills are essential.

If you think, you can help me with this, kindly DM me or reach me out of

English speakers preferred. Added bonus if your based in India or Russia

I’ve created 3 apps with various functionalities, I’ll send You an email with my information and I can show my apps.

I’m Brazilian, speak english but I’m located in Brazil.

Best regards Joseph Rezende

HI Joseph Rezende,

I’m looking for some one to help me to develop a appgyver solution.

Can you please contact me?

I’m Portuguese, for sure the comunication will be good.

Bom dia Fernando,

me mande um email para, ficarei feliz em ajudar no que for necessário.

Feel free to check out, there are some prebuilt apps there as well as tons of resources.

Rad prostokamitza. I can impliment in app purchases in appgyver and many thinks to extend it beyond what it is meant to be capable of. I also have a great way all appgyver developers can monetize by growing our own not-a-ad-network. Regardless whether you need me or not, come hang. That goes for all of you. I have an interesting project going on in Node-Red you all would love.