Need developer for logic and DB connections


I am building an app and I need a developer to help with most of the logic, connecting pages to the database, and doing some things I can’t figure out how to do.
A few examples of what I need help with:

  • I have a survey that spans over 10 pages, All 10 pages become one DB record.
  • On the dashboard, I want a few cards that 1-shows the last survey info, 2-shows the average of the survey info for the last week, and 3-shows the average of the survey data for the last month.
  • I need to have 2-factor authentication.
  • I need the ability to have two users use one account. Patient and a caregiver.

If anyone is interested, please contact me.

I sent you a private message.

Hi, LMK if you are interested in helping out with my call for assistance with my AppGyver app endeavour.