Need help: hide or remove empty rows based on condition

Sorry, I realize this is a very basic question. I’m transitioning an app from AppSheet to AppGyver and having a problem. In AppSheet, I achieved this result by using a “Slice”, where the row filter condition was =ISNOTBLANK(ColumnX), which would only return rows that had data in ColumnX. How can I get this result in AppGyver?

Hi, you can bind the “visibility” under Advanced properties to a formula IS_EMPTY(...) to control it

Thank you for your response. That solution did not work, advanced properties appears to show/hide the entire list. I want to just hide rows of data when a certain columns value is blank. An example of my data is below:

So, I want to check if Golfer is blank (or “Golfer”: “”,), then do not display the object in the list. In the pictured example above, keyRow 5 would show in the list and keyRow 6 would not.

I was able to figure out on my own after learning the SELECT function’s syntax. This function goes in the “Repeat with” binding:


Hi, the formula approach is good too! :slight_smile:

I’ll still include a tutorial here how to do the visibility binding so that it depends on the value of the current row, in case someone else stumbles upon this thread:

In this case, everyone but John will be displayed in the repeat.

In your case, the formula would be !IS_EMPTY(current.Golfer)

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Thanks! Are there performance benefits for either method?

I have another question. I have two separate databases that both have “Player” columns. I have a page (let’s call it Page1) that is showing a repeating list of Players from database1, and I want to be able to tap any Player from the list, pass the Player name to Page2, which has a repeating list of data from database2 and filter the list to only show if database1.Player == database2.Player.

In the Logic view, I have a navigation stemming from a “list item tap” event. The navigation opens Page2 and passes current.Player via “Data item in repeat”, but I’m not sure how to add the filtering formula to pass that tapped Player parameter through to Page2…