Need Help: iOS build and Preview app crashing when loading app

Hoping someone from the AppGyver support team can help figure out why my app is crashing.

It’s happening about every 2nd or 3rd load of the app.

The app gets past the automatic login and loads up the first screen (Today page).

It seems to crash in the middle of rendering the array of habits.

And when I restart the app after the crash, it will load fine. It rarely crashes 2 times in a row.

This is happening on iOS in both the native builds and in the AppGyver Preview app.

See screenshots below for logs from Apple Testflight. As you can see in the screenshots, It’s been happening for a while (before iOS 14 rollout).

AppGyver App ID is 93291

Any ideas where to start looking to figure this out?

Hi, could you give us some test credentials so we could try it out and see what the issue could be?

Thanks @Tomi_Laakso

You can download the iOS app via TestFlight.

Here’s the link for the open beta

I’ve created a test account for you and will message you directly with the details.

I’ve been able to grab some partial crash logs when connecting my iPhone to Xcode … there not very informative … they seem to be cut off after the first few lines.

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Hi @Tomi_Laakso

Have you been able to recreate the issue?

I’ve been able to reproduce on a second iPhone.

For me, it happens when first starting the app.

Specifically after the automatic login (using saved login credentials) while its rendering the Icon List Item component on the Today page.

It happens periodically throughout the day (I check the app about 4 or 5 times a day) and it seems to happen about 50% of the time.

Any ideas?

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Hey, sorry for the delays and frustration! We’ll try to find time for this ASAP; working super hard ATM to get the new v2 runtime out.

Hi! Have you tried if this crash still happens on the 2.X runtime? If it’s still a problem, or you don’t want to migrate to 2.X at all, can you please message me with your credentials as Tomi isn’t available for the time being?

Thanks @Mevi … I’m still on the 1.9.22 build and somehow my app has stabilized. Haven’t had a crash on either of my test devices in over a week. Went from crashing every other launch to zero. I’m sure that as soon as I submit my response to this post something will happen. :crossed_fingers:

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Hopefully nothing did :pray: If it’s working for you, keep that and submit it quickly :laughing: