Need help making this (don't know topic)

Let me explain. This is inside a data record (SUGAR).

It has his own calendar with entries like this

How can I make this myself? I don’t know how to connect calendar to the current data record and how to add entries to the current data record.

Do not really understand what you are trying to ask here, from what I am gathering, this is not your application above, but you want to create something like this? If so, show the forum some of your actual application as a starting point, what backend you are using and data?

For ideas about how to do a calendar like this, check out the following resources:

(and you can search for more from the forums)


Have you made optimised calendar that can show data?

Not yet at least, but there have been several performance improvements since I filmed that video so using that as a base you could try, it should be feasible. Let me know how it goes if you do :slight_smile: