Need help navigating pages / recovering app after Auth deletion

I wanted to test the auth setup while I was reading the MongoDB integration tutorial. I clicked on Auth, selected an Auth method, and then clicked on “remove page” as it was just a test. I guess it was not the intended way to remove the Auth page. I am now stuck with the login page and all other tabs (launch, theme, navigate, data…) are frozen and I cannot access any other page. The history “revert” button does not seem to revert.

If anyone has a suggestion to recover my app, i would greatly appreciate. Thanks

@Mevi , @Harri_Sarsa and team, Would it be possible for you to have please a look and unblock my app. The app is frozen in dev mode on the auth page, all other buttons frozen ? App 169147. Thank you

Hi! I have no idea about this, but I’ll try to get this looked at!

Thank you! Please let me know.

Hi! We had a look and nothing was terribly out of place, the login page is still in the app (you can remove it if you don’t plan to use auth anymore) but the app does not appear stuck?

Hi Mevi, Happy new year. I removed the login page and I sill cannot navigate the pages anymore in the composer interface: the top panel “launch / themes / navigation …” does not react upon click so that I can change pages. Could you help ? I am considering to give up. Thank you.

Hi, I’ll have another look today if I can. Does the app not begin to work again even after a refresh of the page?

Thank you. I have not try for issue when using the app. The issue is on composer platform. I just posted an image. Thank you again !

and feel free to delete any Auth pages/ link


I’m sorry but when I look at your app in Composer, I have no problems, so I’m not sure how to help you :disappointed:

Jan-18-2021 13-32-29

If you still have issues with this, try logging in and out of Composer. If that doesn’t help, check from Developer Tools of your browser what type of errors you get into the Console when you try to navigate in Composer.