Need help to publish for Android / Google Play Store

I have the following issue: my App works by invitation (Basically, an administrator invites users to participate).

So for Google to approve it, i need to provide the login information for a dummy user account. My issue is that Google asks for Username and Password ID, more specifically, the "Android resource name of the text field within the app where the given username (or password) should be entered.

How can i solve this? Thanks a lot for your help!

Lol. The reason Google needs that is because they don’t use actual humans to test your app. Their app review process is entirely automated so their program needs to interact with the password text field component directly by its resource id. That confirmed my suspicions about them not really “testing” anything but more rather verifying app analytics.

But to answer your question you might be out of luck unless Appgyver can assist because the app binary is machine-generated so all the resource IDs probably look like unrecognizable UUID strings if you opened up the APK to inspect it.

Ouch. I was expecting the process to be more difficult with Apple than Google, but it is quite the contrary… Ok i’ll ask support to Google to get in touch with a human tester, and Appgyver to provide the info.

Yes if you can get someone to manually key in the credentials that would solve your problem. Apple always uses human testers so you have no issues with them.

Got my app approved by Google. I specified in the requested ID that it was developed with Appgyver and the information was not available to me… So it seems they are still using humans :sweat_smile: