Need help with building app :(

You can see in these videos how my app works.

If you know how to add these features please let me know.

  • Bounding option list to data
    This option will be used to determine how often should “Amount to give back per time” restart.
    Example: If it’s “day”, so everyday amount to give back should restart.

  • Add amount to current data value
    Pressing “Borrow more” button, there should appear a box with a “input field”
    Entered amount should add to “Lent amount”

  • Deduct amount from current data value
    Pressing “Pay back” button, there should appear a box with a “input field”
    The entered amount should deduct from “Lent amount”, “amount to pay back” and if it’s less than “amount to pay back” it should add to “Debt” and if it’s more than “amount to pay back per time” it should show in “debt” minus extra amount

Amount to give back is 10$
If I pay back 9$
Debt should show 1$
If I pay back 11$
Debt should show -1$ (That means that the next day I could give back less (9$))

  • Calendar
  1. Pressing on calendar day, it should show how much it was payed back on that day.

  2. Able to Delete or Add amount (Let’s say I forgot to write how much I payed back, so I should be able to go back in previous day and Add amount)

If you have any ideas how to help me with this, you can add me on discord or anywhere else and help me out.

Hi! I’ll try to help you :slight_smile:

Starting from binding option list to data – not sure what you want to do here so please go into more detail if I get it wrong – I recommend you put the selection for whether the pay back should be day/week/month before the amount, perhaps even hiding the amount to pay back field until a value is selected. Then you can bind to the on change event of the dropdown (on the logic canvas when you select the dropdown) and from the onChange clear the value bound to the amount field for example.

I recommend going through App Programming 101 videos, you’ll probably be able to find the answers to the rest of your questions as well when you’ve learned about variables, bindings and logic :slight_smile: